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Woven Patches

A woven patch reproduces the image in high detail and the elements thereof have high graphical acutance. High resolution makes the fine print within the emblem readable. Unlike embroidery, Jacquard products can be produced in a very short time and, most of all, at much lower costs.


  • Material: polyester.
  • Colour: any colour available. Max. number of colours - 8.
  • Base/bedding: thermal glue, Vlieseline, no bedding
  • Cutting: Laser cutting.
  • Size:
    • without bedding and carving: width: 40 cm length: ∞ cm;
    • with bedding and carving: up to 14 х 14 cm.
  • MOQ: 300 pcs

Woven patches are very durable and fit for use outdoors or in high-friction environments. These can be sewn or glued to the clothes.

  • mid-resolution classical logotypes
  • high-resolution classical logotypes (high quality)
  • logos with glue, with fleece, without glue
  • combined logos (weaving style combinations).

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