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Products we offer

"New Labels" company manufactures badges, emblems and chevrons by order. All our products are made in very high and exceptional quality using only high quality materials.

We produce products in the color, of any degree of complexity in the short term. Chevrons and patches are manufactured using only a special professional equipment, which allows to achieve the highest quality as possible. All our specialists are graduated, highly qualified and have extensive practical experience in their field.

Types of Jacquard products

A woven Jacquard label is an indispensable element of corporate style and the easiest way to customize any textile product. Decorated with a Jacquard label, your clothes, accessories, shoes or corporate gifts will always look sophisticated, expensive and tasteful.

Woven Patches

Reproduces the image in high detail and the elements have high graphical acutance.

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Woven ribbons

Widely used for decorating gift packages, bracelets, phone pendants, keys and badges.

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Woven Labels

Woven labels provide a great way to distinguish and differentiate any product.

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Woven Pennants

Pennants are most frequently produced for sports teams and special events.

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Woven Zipper pullers

Ideal for advertising and branding. Easy to mount: just pull the fabric through the aperture.

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Woven pictures

Customized woven pictures, photos or corporate calendars.

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