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Usage of Jacquard products

Jacquard products are extensively used in a wide variety of realms:

  • Sports organizations and clubs.
    • Logos for sports equipment and fan paraphernalia.
    • Club banners.
    • Ribbons for sports awards and badges.
  • Military forces, municipal organizations.
    • Logos, emblems and chevrons for unit designation.
  • Schools, gymnasiums, higher education institutions.
    • Logos and paraphernalia for student uniforms and other attributes.
  • Security companies.
    • Logos for security uniform identification.
  • Advertising campaigns.
    • Products for corporate gifts.
    • Ribbons for decorating packages, boxes, towels, plaids or pillows.
    • Tags for personalizing hats, scarfs, gloves, caps and umbrellas.
    • Logos for decorating bags, backpacks or T-shirts.
  • Sewing factories, studios.
    • For sewing corporate logos, size tags and care tags into products.
  • Home-made textile manufacturers.
  • Sports clubs, teams and groups.
  • Various government and commercial services and organizations.